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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I refinance?

A refinance can be the perfect option in many situations. Some of the most common reasons to leverage the equity in your home include: accessing equity for renovations, purchasing an investment property or vacation home, accessing some equity to invest, switching into a better interest rate, and consolidating high interest debt into one manageable monthly payment. There are many reasons why you may want to refinance and we can't wait to discuss them with you!  

Should I get a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage?

Both a fixed and variable rate mortgage can be the perfect option for you. We look at every client and their unique situation to understand where they place their value. For example, a variable rate may be the right option if you place high value on saving as much as possible every month. On the flip side, a fixed rate may make the most sense for you if you place high value on the security of your payment staying the same. Let us guide you through it!

What type of lenders do you work with?

We work with over 40 lenders in the mortgage industry. These lenders span across the entire mortgage sphere from "A" lenders, like the big banks you're familiar with, as well as a host of alternative and private lenders to accommodate the more unique situations that require a more specific approach. We are committed and equipped to find the perfect solution for you!

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